Saturday, February 20, 2016

Swarajya Mag- Subscribed and Delivered!

My first subscription to a magazine in my life and it feels awesome!
It reminds me of that cliché of paperback vs kindle and it rings true.
The quality of the print here totally blew me off. I had already been enamored by the content through their website but seeing that in print made my day.
This feels like being part of a hipster alternative to the appalling mainstream media lies, and it feels great.
As I jostle my time between expanding my knowledge on current affairs, the lies that tag along with the affairs and giving MBA a shot, this quality reading, I hope should hold me on a good stead.
Perhaps this is a small step forward to gain insight into the public policy management apart from business management I deal with in everyday worklife.
Cheers to a new beginning.

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